For the Curious

Plain and boring is our camouflage against the curious, our protection. We make ourselves difficult to see. It's a kind of magic. Ours lives are quiet and hidden. Only people who are looking for something special find us.

Ben Okri  The Age of Magic (2014)


screen print on tissue, machine stitch fragments of tissue overlayed, hand stitched onto a baby cot sheet fragment. (47 cms by 64 cms)

These prints are the result of experimentation over months. They are the discarded tissues sheets that are placed underneath the hand dyed silk that I printed upon. Normally they are tossed onto the studio floor. Swept up and thrown away.

Smudges of the ink, dust and tears mark them. The images that make up of this series of work are the result of a long and slow process.Having collected seeds in wild and personally important places, I had grown the plants in my tiny garden. At the end of high summer, as they were about to shed seeds, I pulled them up, these wild plants, and washed soil from their roots.

In my studio I laid them on the floor and as they were too long for my camera lens, I climbed a ladder to photograph them. My darkroom where I develop my screens is a Heath Robinson affair. 

I used to make films from the discarded edits of other more scripted ones I had made.That is my process. Stories behind stories. I make works that I squirrel away in drawers and boxes. Daily I write. I write more than I draw.

My Facebook page with a few films on is here, if you fancy to see them